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MuoviTech factory visit impresses UK visitors 26/10/2016
UK’s leading Ground Source Heat Pump specialists Nic Wincott & Dr Robin Curtis visited our HQ in Brämhult.

Kari Ojala COO MuoviTech International Group extended a warm Swedish welcome.

There, together with MuoviTech UK’s Steve Sutcliffe, they inspected the Turbo collector extrusion facilities and saw manifold chambers and borehole probes being assembled and tested.

Robin Curtis commented: “It was good to meet manufacturers who listen to industry stakeholders and then act on what they have learned. The Turbo Collector is a simple idea that can improve the overall performance of a GSHP system simply by being there and it does this for the lifetime of the installation. “

They also met with Ronny Eriksson, who explained in detail our quality management procedures and processes and Adib Kantalar head of MuoviTech R & D, who explained the Turbo collector and the benefits and advantages of using the technology in a Ground Heat Exchanger. Adib also took them on a tour of Borås University’s advanced Polymer R&D lab.

Nic Wincott commented: “I was very impressed with the emphasis on manufacturing a high quality product and the Company view that they are in the business of selling Ground Heat Exchangers (GHE)… not just pipe. The Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA) in the UK will shortly be revising its Standard relating to the design and installation of GHE’s and both Robin and I will be involved, so the timing of this visit was perfect.”

Pictured from Left to right
Adib Kalantar, Kari Ojala, Nic Wincott, Robin Curtis and Steve Sutcliffe.

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